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VECTOR ingredient #3 Rehmannaie Radix extract

VECTOR ingredient 3 DATA. Rehmannaie radix. (RR) RR is the third and final ingredient in VECTOR the next generation of natural anabolics. RR contains within some of the most interesting anabolic substances Ive seen and has a host of effects and properties that are of interest to us as athletes. RR has been used for aeons in ancient medicine but recently it has been demonstrated to have more than just health benefits. RR is an exceptional for performance enhancement, muscle mass building, strength and fat loss. Lets explore why. CATALPOL- Catalpol is approx 11% of the dry weight of the Rehemannaie plant. In a strong extract like the one used in VECTOR percentages can be much higher. Think of Catalpol as.....natural Doping. I see this could be hard to wrap your head around so let me explain- Here is a quote from a study regarding the use of genes for doping. "the advance of gene therapy has opened the door to the possibility of using genetic manipulation (GM) to enhance athletic performance. In such 'gene doping', exogenous genetic sequences are inserted into a specific tissue, altering cellular gene activity or leading to the expression of a protein product. The exogenous genes most likely to be utilized for gene doping include erythropoietin (EPO), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1), myostatin antagonists, and endorphin. However, many other genes could also be used, such as those involved in glucose metabolic pathways." So they are saying in essence that by targeting these specific factors an athlete could augment themselves and become sort of a super human. Interestingly Catalpol targets most of these and more. EPO, VEGF, IGF1, Beta endorphins. Augmenting these can lead to MAJOR increases in muscle mass, athletic performance and fat loss. Catalpol increases EPO- EPO has been used by athletes (illegally in most cases) to increase performance for decades. Well known for its use in cycling EPO when injected or when it is increased through other means leads to huge increases in overall performance. EPO increases red blood cells which in turn carries more oxygen to muscles. VO2Max is increased, overall power output is increased, time to exhaustion is increased. These boosts give the athlete a huge advantage in competition but also for those who are not competitors it allows for the same improvements making your everyday Clark Kent into more of a Superman. When combined with RRs second chemical constieunt, a strong vasodilator we have GREATLY improved performance as the oxygen rich overabundance of red blood cells are pumped through wide open blood vessels. VEGF Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a major regulator of blood vessel formation during development and in the adult organism. Recent evidence indicates that this factor also plays an important role in sustaining the proliferation and differentiation of different cell types, including progenitor cells of different tissues, including skeletal muscle, bone marrow, bone, and the central nervous system. VEGF promotes the growth of myogenic fibers and protects the myogenic cells from apoptosis in vitro and prompt a therapeutic use for VEGF gene transfer in a variety of muscular disorders. VEGF also increases angiogenisis and blood flow to muscles. IGF-1 Catalpol increases IGF1 which is a well known positive regulator of skeletal muscle. Vector is a fantastic muscle building agent but we all know that in order to grow we need to eat caloric surplus. Unfortunately as we eat more, particularly carbs, blood sugar rises and IGF1 is suppressed while IGF1 sensitivity is increased. Catalpol prevents this drop in IGF1 leading to higher IGF1 levels during a period where IGF1 sensitivity is at its highest. This contributes to Vectors muscle growth potential. B-Endorphin Catalpol increases Beta endorphin release. B-EP are known for causing the often referred to "runners high" and is part of what makes us feel great after exercise. B-EP have also been shown to decrease muscle fatigue and increase glucose uptake in muscles. B-EP are in a large part what gives us the Mind/muscle connection when training. B-EP improves neuromuscular function, increases the amplitude of contractions and decreases the time to peak muscle contraction in response to nerve stimulation. B-EP can increase initial, maximum and mean muscle tension meaning strength potential. ATP Catalpol effectively increases mitochondrial ATP production. Catalpol is also remarkably hypoglycemic, reduces total serum cholesterol and triglycerides. Making it a powerhouse within RR and lending itself nicely to the overall structure and potential of VECTOR. LOGANIN - Is a well known iridoid glycoside with many sources but Loganin is present in high quantities in Rehemannaie. Loganin is a fantastic anabolic agent in its own right. Loganin is being studied currently as a treatment for skeletal muscle atrophy. In addition Loganin seems to possess anti inflammatory, antioxidant, glucose lowering and muscle protective effects. Loganin upregulates the Atk/mTOR pathway and increases IGF1 leading to increased muscle tissue. Loganin has also been shown to increase skeletal muscle strength in animal studies and inhibits Atrogin-1 which prevents skeletal muscle atrophy. Further anabolic potential lies in its suppression of SMAD2/3 and increased expression of SMAD7. In animals studies Loganin increased muscle mass, overall bodyweight, strength and protein synthesis making it a powerhouse anabolic. BETAINE Betain is a well known constituent of Beet roots. Betain has been studied and shown to increase performance as well as skeletal muscle growth making it a fantastic component of RR and ultimately VECTOR. Betain has been found to increase IGF1 expression, as well as MyHC synthesis which can both lead to increases in muscle. In addition it is a great vasodilator and improves blood flow to muscles. This vasodilation combined with Catalpols increase in RBC from EPO makes this stuff a wicked performance enhancing ingredient. RR is -Antioxidant -improves cognitive function -Has been shown to increase testosterone -Increase muscle mass -Reduce blood sugar/ antidiabetic -Helps with gastrointestinal disorders -Is used as a feed for animals as it increases weight and muscle mass. -Increases Beta endorphins -Mild opioid activity/ pain killing with out the negatives of NSAIDS -Increases GLUT4 -Improves mitochondrial function -Increases IGF-1 -Increases EPO/Red blood cells -Increases SMAD7 expression -Reduces SMAD2/3 expression -Increases performance -INcreases strength -Prevents muscle atrophy -Increases ATP production -Vasodilation


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